Friday, 24 September 2010

Email sent to MND Specialist Nurse

"I hope you can clear up a mystery for me. I saw:
Dr B (Respiratory, Wy Hospital) on 11/08/10
Dr Be (Urology, H Hospital) on 18/08/10
Dr A (Gynaecology, R Hospital) on 19/08/10
Dr B (Respiratory, Wy Hospital) on 15/09/10
I am due to see:
Dr M (Urology, Wy Hospital) on 01/10/10
Dr E (Neurology, H Hospital) on 20/10/10

Dr Gu (Urology, TG Hospital) turned up unexpectedly at Dr B's clinic on 15/09/10, saw me and left without speaking to Dr B. I do not know whether to keep my appointment with Dr M. There was some confusion about who Dr Gu was. Dr B inferred, from his notes, that he was Dr R (Urology, Wy Hospital/TG Hospital) and gave me Dr R's secretary's number. I rang them and they had never heard of me. I have too many urologists. Do I answer this email with "Yes please" or wait for Dr M?" - Rachael

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