Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March 2011. In which I enjoy the garden and get flu

01/03/2011 4.57am
headache dehydrated position pain ankles ache
01/03/2011 9.21pm
wonderful sunshine spent am with cat and carer in the garden then orthotics too tired for eye gaze communication tricky
02/03/2011 1.17am
cramp spreading everywhere
02/03/2011 9.34am
Financial issues need sorting but consignatory is in labour! Which is great news lot of blood clots in urine slight kidney ache
02/03/2011 11.21pm
In bed after a lovely time in the garden and with my daughter and carer tired but relaxed
03/03/2011 2.07am
not comfy back painful ankles hurt
03/03/2011 6.55pm
shattered after gynae appointment ran over. Dehydrated and bumpy ride home hurt my neck despite collar
04/03/2011 1.14am
neck ache and back ache generally uncomfortable difficult to catch my breath
04/03/2011 11.03am
nearly passed out couldn't get a full breath carer nearly as scared as me
04/03/2011 10.20pm
gradual improvement throughout the day peaceful evening napped a lot!
05/03/2011 2.34am
Bedding slipped postural pain and chill woke me feel like crying
05/03/2011 10.39am
neck cramp couldn't let my carer know what was wrong really frightening
05/03/2011 11.18pm
great time shopping and haircare with daughter and carer
06/03/2011 1.57am
woke with postural pain hot and dehydrated difficult to catch breath headache
06/03/2011 9.16pm
daughter and her school friend having a sleep over friend's mum popped round carer had take away that smelled lovely
07/03/2011 4.54am
up for hours limb ache pressure points sore rasp in throat can't cough so tired eyes burning
07/03/2011 8.46pm
daughter ill sounds fluey i have similar symptoms but not as bad wish I could sit on her bed and mop her brow hate MND
08/03/2011 12.54am
dry cough aching limbs hot and cold and tired head thumping
08/03/2011 3.24pm
head hot throat dry having lovely time with carer in garden shower helped napping often plenty fluids
08/03/2011 11.48pm
woke panicking breathless chest fluttering body shaking tomorrow's carer rang sick anxious about bank staff
09/03/2011 3.17am
still can't sleep scared of everything can't relax tense and painful
09/03/2011 11.52pm
so indescribably tired aching and sore. Throat hurts
10/03/2011 4.48am
cramp in calf aching and gasping for breath can't move to release leg everything stiff and sore
10/03/2011 2.02pm
10/03/2011 6.47pm
no voice eyes tired exhausted fasciculations of my tongue
11/03/2011 2.17am
painful aching breathing laboured hot headache
11/03/2011 11.30pm
Fantastic hydrotherapy session feel really loose and happy. My chest and back feel like new!
12/03/2011 3.02am
Slept really well when I was asleep but still suffer pressure pain
12/03/2011 9.05am
still feeling the benefit of hydrotherapy limbs loose and feel happy
12/03/2011 7.09pm
got lots of jobs done daughter did my hair but runny nose and dry rasping cough
13/03/2011 3.13am
nose running can't wipe phlegm stuck in throat can't cough heels sore neck aches
13/03/2011 8.29pm
stuffy and sore throat but well cared for and indulged:) daughter ill too :(
14/03/2011 3.17am
gagging can't cough nose running down my face eyes burning hips aching catheter and rig stomas weeping
14/03/2011 10.48pm
feel relaxed and glowing a day in the garden with carer finished with barbecue and an open fire
15/03/2011 3.35am
legs and shoulders tight and sore ankles and hips aching
15/03/2011 7.21pm
Went for a drive early on pretty much slept most of afternoon and evening still shattered
16/03/2011 1.07am
ankle agony foot turned over retching gagging dry cough
16/03/2011 10.08pm
relaxed evening so glad carer is no longer sick
17/03/2011 3.10am
difficult to catch breath limbs painful pressing down hot and dehydrated
17/03/2011 7.04pm
quiet day ready for daughter's drama performance tonight
18/03/2011 5.36am
can't cough nose and mouth dribbling back aches
18/03/2011 1.44pm
good carer cuprinoled my fences whilst I lazed in the garden and watched
19/03/2011 3.21am
ankles sore, legs, thighs, hips, shoulders and neck ache. dry rasping throat
19/03/2011 7.39am
lovely day at garden centre then planting very tired
20/03/2011 2.55am
cough slightly improved positional pain and cramps need to move legs badly
20/03/2011 10.02am
off to shopping complex for lunch with daughter it's raining so indoor day out! Clean fed watered happy
20/03/2011 4.33pm
had choking episode whilst drinking coffee with daughter more embarrassing than anything great day otherwise
20/03/2011 8.54pm
so tired my eyes feel like someone cling filmed them open. Tongue feels as though covered in popping space dust
21/03/2011 2.21am
back and neck crooked ow! Tongue fizzing with fasciculations
21/03/2011 5.12pm
pleasant day spent dozing and preparing meals long shower
22/03/2011 2.01am
did very little but was exhausted this evening. Desperately tired now but ache and can't move due on could cry
22/03/2011 11.19am
showered exercised shattered but well looked after
22/03/2011 8.16pm
very tired finally started my period tired all day stand in carer
23/03/2011 4.03am
too hot sweating and itching position pain tongue fizzing eyes stinging leg blister popped and oozing stuck to bedding
23/03/2011 4.21pm
pleasant day flowers starting to bud catheter really gunky but lovely carer giving plenty of fluids and keeping it clean
24/03/2011 2.03am
Severe sharp pain passing blood clots through catheter duration half an hour ebbing and flowing can't move
24/03/2011 4.25am
still passing drawing pin sized clots legs ankles etc hurt
24/03/2011 6.54pm
exhausted spent most of afternoon asleep. Stand in carer
25/03/2011 3.20am
shoulder and ankle ache difficult to catch my breath
25/03/2011 7.58pm
Shattered but in a good way after hydrotherapy
26/03/2011 3.11am
Bleeding heavily really uncomfortable ankles slipped very sore
26/03/2011 10.24am
clean at last coffee is lovely Friday carers doing overtime as regular sat carer sick and I cannot hack another stand in! :)
26/03/2011 10.14pm
slept a lot and between times managed to fit in a big family meal - bonus! Tongue fascics and general itchiness.
27/03/2011 3.27am
hips agony groin sore knees and shoulders ache position pain
27/03/2011 10.21am
forgot clock went forward still lolling about unwashed and undressed! Pain less now I'm in my chair
27/03/2011 9.46pm
cat poorly but I'm just tired
28/03/2011 4.03am
lying awake legs, hips shoulders bearing down on my bed pillow slipped neck ache feet slipped ankle hurts
28/03/2011 8.33 pm
relaxing day cooking with carer. Dozed a lot with recovering cat.
29/03/2011 4.56am
Joint and limb pain very tired can't move or sleep struggling to breathe deeply enough ankle slipped
29/03/2011 10.07pm
incredibly tired but regular carer is back from sickness leave and has looked after me well
30/03/2011 5.03am
extremely tired can't sleep stomach cramps and back pain need bowel movement
31/03/2011 9.25pm
Quiet day but still feeling very tired

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