Thursday, 17 November 2011

Visit from Physiotherapist

Angela came and demostrated how to use the Suction Machine. Angela also took Rachael's email address so she could send a copy of instructions before she posts it. Angela took the speech therapists number for future reference. 
Filter - Do not clean - must be replaced every 3 months
Yankeur (Mouth Piece) - wash and sterilise after every use
Recepticle (Spitoon) - wash in soapy water after every use
Hose - wash in soapy water after every use
The suction machine should be charged overnight. An amber light will show when charging. A green light will show when fully charged. Angela said she would post extra yankeurs.
Test pressure before every use by putting hand over tube. The pressure should never exceed 20k/Pa (inside measurements).The best pressure for Rachael is between 10 and 15k/Pa. This can be adjusted on the dial below the pressure window. 
Move yankeur from the top to the back of Rachael's mouth, and from the front to the sides of the tongue until clear of saliva.

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