Monday, 17 October 2011

Visit from Wheelchair Services

Mark and Gary brought an extra control panel, headrest and spare wheelchair cushion. Mark said he was going to make adaptations to the prototype control panel and bring it when he next visits. He agreed to source a chest restraint and bring a different headrest for Rachael to try out, for greater neck support. He also left a Roho cushion and leaflet for additional products Rachael might like to buy for herself.

How to use extra control panel:
Remove panel from side of chair (unscrew and slide out)
Place in bracket at front of current control panel and tighten
GREEN: Rabbit
RED: Power button
To hoist Rachael, remove extra panel and replace in holder at side of the chair.
DO NOT remove/unplug wires

How to use headrest:
Headrest is adjustable and Rachael will need this moving as required
DO NOT leave in one position

How to use Roho cushion:
When Rachael is out of the chair, push the green button at the front and "plump" the cushion
Put Rachael back in the chair and when she is comfortable, push in the red buttons.
Check there is between half and one inch of air between the chair base and the bony area of Rachael at the back and sides.
If not enough air, use pump to inflate (2/3 pumps max), the valve twists to open and close
Rachael MUST be out of her chair when inflating cushion
Pump is left in the toolbox

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