Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Catheter change at TG Hospital

Rachael attended TG Hospital for a catheter change. Rachael mentioned to Stuart that she had wet the bed that morning due to her catheter being blocked.
When Stuart removed the catheter he noticed that the end was full of hard grit and sediment which had crystallised. Stuart told Rachael that there are some drugs, Suby G or Solution R, that can be used to de-crystallise the debris that collects in the catheter tube.
Stuart advised Rachael to speak to her GP about this as these drugs are only available on prescription.
The change was more difficult and painful than usual due to cuffing.
Another appointment was arranged for Thursday, October 11th. 2012.


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  2. My grandmother had something like this happen with her cath as well. However, after she started using the prescribed drugs the problem went away. I wouldn't worry to much about this because it was an easy fix for us and I am sure it will be an easy fix for you as well.

  3. My caths do a weird thing where the loose edges of the deflated balloon sort of vacuum-form into horrible hard jagged shapes on the tip, and seem to make it much more difficult and painful to remove. Solution is to make sure balloon isn't left under a vacuum, inject 0.25ml of air back in even to make sure it stays soft and squishable, without making it any bulkier. Worth asking about?