Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Visit from Lung Clinic Specialist Nurse

D came to visit Rachael regarding her stomach pains. She also made some adjustments to the Cough Assist machine and the NIV. She increased the pressure on the Cough Assist machine to 29 and decreased the pressure on the NIV. Hopefully this will lessen Rachael's bloating.
D also made some recommendations on the use of the Cough Assist and the NIV.
Cough Assist
1. The Cough Assist machine is to be used four times a day.
2. If Rachael's phlegm looks yellow or green ask for antibiotics from GP.
3. Use Cough Assist more frequently if secretions increase.  
4. If secretions improve go back to usual routine.

1. Try and use regularly, little and often if that is all Rachael can tolerate.
2. Open rig tube and gently try to expel trapped wind. Do this regularly to ease any discomfort.

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