Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Clinic at H Hospital

Dr E read through Rachael's notes. Dr E said memory function would be reduced due to the medication she was taking. Rachael explained that Pregabalin had been reduced since her last visit. Dr E asked whether Rachael had had her 3 monthly blood test to check her Riluzole levels - advised will book with GP. Dr E prescribed suppositories for constipation so Rachael did not have to keep increasing her Movical consumption. Rachael discussed the problems she had been having with District Nurses. Dr E made notes. Dr E queried how suprapubic catheter was and Rachael said she had been plagued by infection. A swab was taken of the stoma site but as it had just been cleaned, the stoma site was clear. Dr E advised Rachael to see Practice Nurse at her GP's for a swab. Rachael asked Dr E whether she would be eligible for Bipap as found the experience in Wy Hospital most helpful and rejuvenating. Dr E said he will speak to Dr B and recommend that Rachael be given this.
A nurse checked Rachael's blood gas levels but this caused 2 errors and could not be read by the machine. Dr E advised against collecting a blood sample from Rachael's wrist. A nurse also checked Rachael's finger pulse oximetry which came back as normal - 97. Rachael stressed to Dr E that her neck was becoming unbearably painful. Dr E referred her to the Physio on ward, who said Rachael needs pain relief and could do nothing else for her. Dr E said he will send prescription for pain relief to GP.

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