Saturday, 1 January 2011

Jan 2011 In which I catch a cold

Still got cramps and I'm stuck in bed instead of watching fireworks and stuff. Really feeling sorry for myself! NYE and no hug! 
01/01/2011. 5.34
Slept funny! neck and back ache but in better spirits.
02/01/2011. 3.30am
foot slipped in splint agony making everything tense then ache  
02/01/2011. 21.10
exhausted. Done nothing but shattered no aches though.
Head lolled when I gagged for air about 1hr ago. Neck really hurts. Foot in wrong position ow.
03/01/2011. 19.48
had fun, went out, spent time in relaxed company. Just my neck ache. Back on norethisterone and I've stopped bleeding.
04/01/2011. 04.21
Been awake since 2am with sore neck back thighs and legs. Ankle and foot have joined in and my catheter won't drain so I've wee'd.
04/01/2011. 02.30
Shattered but relaxed.
05/01/2011 04.37
Argh I have a runny nose. I can't hold a tissue let alone lift my hand to my face. This is so frustrating. It's kept me awake for 1.5 hrs.
05/01/2011 18.44
Can hardly think so hot and tired, have phlegm streaming from nose, eyes on fire, choking on catarrh.
06/01/2011 1.41am

I am full of stuffy hotness and gunk making me gag it's running down my face and throat can't cough or blow or wipe.
06/01/2011 5.42pm

blocked nose headache and backache
06/01/2011 11.32pm
sleeping fitfully all day full of cold. Shivering.
07/01/2011 3.26am
Constipation pain. Can't sleep. Can't wipe my nose. Legs and back hurt.
07/01/2011 7.57pm
Very snotty nose. Headache. Hot and tired. Diarrhoea.
08/01/2011 4.05am
Full of a cold. Difficulty sleeping. Can't catch my breath. Legs aching. Can't get comfy.
08/01/2011 6.02pm
Managed to get out, Still snotty but much improved.
09/01/2011 4.26am
Diarrhoea. Catheter maybe blocked - urinating from urethra. Sharp stabbing pains. Blood clots in urine.
09/01/2011 8.31pm
Still experiencing sharp pain every 20 minutes or so. Clots are size of a tack head.
10/01/2011 3.14am
Severe shooting pains in my urethra. Blood in urine. Small clots. Back ache. Difficulty catching my breath. Headache.
10/01/2011 4.01pm
Excruciating pain every 20 mins. Doctor's appt in an hour.
11/01/2011 5.14am
Catheter and urine problems greatly relieved already - only went to the Doctor yesterday. Antibiotics ftw.
11/01/2011 7.32pm
Tired but had a good day. Got loads of physio. feel quite relaxed. Clean and fed. Yoghurt is good.
12/01/2011 2.20am
Can't sleep. uncomfortable. Postural pain. Have to gasp for breath. Headache.
12/01/2011 8.14pm
Spent too much time on my own today. Slight computer head. Neck ache but not severe. Pool of drool on my clavicle.
13/01/2011 4.38am
Leg cramps. Too hot. Generally uncomfortable. Really need to bend my leg. Bitten inside my mouth and tongue ow!
13/01/2011 6.10pm
Very tired, but happy. Spent a few hours playing with my friend's Grandson we both dribbled!
14/01/2011 3.28am
Pillow slipped. Neck sore. Feet and legs heavy and burning. Back and shoulders hurt can't cough I really want to roll over.
14/01/2011 9.20pm
Had a little nap in my chair. Baking with lovely carer. Only glitch has been neck pain and difficulty in holding my head upright.
15/01/2011 3.42am
Relatively pain-free. Could do with a leg stretch. Keep biting my mouth and drooling.
15/01/2011 3.37pm
Severe constipation earlier on. Have now evacuated but extremely tired. Neck ache continues to plague me. Muscle weakness.
16/01/2011 5.04am
Drooling, choking and struggling to catch my breath. Positional pain and a head ache.
16/01/2011 8.22pm
After a fairly ropey morning with aching kidneys and stomach pain everything seems to have settled down.
17/01/2011 4.41am
Unpleasant combo of constipation/diarrhoea. As a result every bit of me is uncomfortable, stinging and tense.
17/01/2011 5.37pm
neck ache really bothering me. I am awash with heated wheat bags and paracetamol. My right shoulder is very stiff.
18/01/2011 3.19am
Difficult to catch my breath. Tired but can't sleep heel, hips and shoulder blades hurt.
18/01/2011 4.07pm
went through rom exercises shattered but neck pain vastly reduced.
19/01/2011 5.09am
position in bed wrong neck aches
19/01/2011 7.32pm 
dehydrated and exhausted after travelling to clinic.
20/10/2011 4.29am
nose running, coughing too hot need to move.
20/01/2011 7.27pm
easy day good company plenty of liquids, a long shower-just wish it was a bath.
21/01/2011 2.51am 
shoulder and neck painful for the last hour really need to be asleep
21/01/2011 10.02pm
sadly no hydrotherapy but found a log fire to bask by until daughter came home
22/01/2011 2.47am
foot hurts need to bend knee dribble down my neck generally uncomfortable and tired
22/01/2011 7.18pm
went out to lunch lasted all day sleepy now, may nap!
23/01/2011 3.23am
neck still hurts, tired, grouchy need to move, constipated kidneys ache due on
23/01/2011 4.32pm
Went outside briefly felt good for it. Clean hydrated tired
24/01/2011 5.07am
Sore heels and bottom. Aching shoulders and neck. Constipated.
24/01/2011 10.06pm
Relaxing day. Went out for the evening, good company, watched a game of pool, even managed a row with some bigots!
25/01/2011 3.46am
Foot uncomfortable, leg cramp, back and neck ache, need the toilet
25/01/2011 7.05pm
Spent the day cleaning and preening. Relaxed.
26/01/2011 3.12am
Postural pain. Difficulty catching breath. Really need to bend my knee.
26/01/2011 5.08pm
Slow and dragging day. Fair amount of neck ache. Speech slow and laboured more than usual.
27/01/2011 2.43am
Neck ache worse. Considerable back pain. Really need to move. Breathing laboured.
27/01/2011 9.28pm
Still struggling with speech periodically. Napping throughout the day. Very tired.
28/01/2011 4.13am
Been awake for a while. Postural pain. Really sore hips.
28/01/2011 7.55pm
Incredibly tired after a lovely day. Cancelled my travel plans. Lovely carer is pampering me.
29/01/2011 1.17am
Soiled myself. Sore and aching. I've got many more hours of this. Feeling quite sorry for myself.
29/01/2011 10.19pm
Relaxing after an exciting day watching daughter, carer and cat play with the new telly.
30/01/2011 4.51am
Need to move. My shoulder seems to have seized up and my pad has a crease in it which is painful underneath me.
30/01/2011 6.24pm
Pleasant day helping daughter with revision. Overseeing spring clean of the living room. Shattered now. Speech still "iffy".
31/01/2011 4.03am
Soiled myself. Really uncomfortable and sore. Everything aches.
31/01/2011 10.07pm
Tired but relaxed.



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