Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Catheter change at H Hospital

Rachael attended an appointment for a catheter change. Rachael's PA helped put Rachael in a sling and manoeuvred Rachael onto a hospital bed. Stuart changed Rachael's catheter and also washed out her bladder. Rachael asked if they had any spigots she could have and was given many. Rachael also discussed the smell of her urine with Stuart, who said to keep liquids slightly acidic to reduce bacteria growth in the bladder. Stuart recommended lemon barley water/cranberry juice/any citrus acids to try and reduce any smell. Rachael also mentioned blisters that were forming on her legs from the catheter tubing and two-way switch. Stuart recommended getting the smallest size tubigrip to put on tubing where necessary. Next appointment made for 05/04/11.

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