Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February 2011. In which I celebrate my daughter's birthday and have some amazing Hydro.

01/02/2011 3.14am
Hips and heels sore. I seem to be lying on a crease. Knees aching.
01/02/2011 7.56pm
Had a really thorough shower and shave. Feel much better.
02/02/2011 2.49am
Neck really hurting.
02/02/2011 6.18pm
Neck definitely weaker. Speech unintelligible for longer periods and more frequently.
03/02/2011 3.14am
Night bag not draining. Groin sore. Limbs aching.
03/02/2011 7.56pm
Extremely tired after ROM exercises. Had a lovely day but neck quite sore.
04/02/2011 4.53am
Can't sleep. Everything aches.
04/02/2011 9.04pm
Attended hydro. First session in weeks. It was wonderful. In the pool- I walked! Afterwards I could lift my arms. Amazing!
05/02/2011 5.48am
Slept really well after Hydro. Aching more gentle. Could do with a knee bend. Breathing easier.
05/02/2011 10.55pm
Took it easy all day. Socialized this evening. Speech quite bad but body feels fine.
06/02/2011 4.26am
Neck and back feel quite tense. Knees and ankles sore. Difficult to catch breath.
06/02/2011 7.16pm
Apart from neck, speech and annoying people I've had a good day.
07/02/2011 5.00am
Shoulders and hips aching for hours. Legs heavy bearing down. Need to move.
07/02/2011 9.54pm
Constructive day thanks to carer making phone calls speech horrible slight urine infection
08/02/2011 3.49am
catheter not draining wee d thighs burning generally uncomfortable
08/02/2011 10.00am
clean dry exercised expecting visitors
08/02/2011 8.29pm
relaxed clean ROM exercises done sleepy
09/02/2011 1.20am
Cramps hard to catch my breath headache and back ache foot hurts and my catheter won't drain
09/02/2011 10.42pm
daughter's birthday, spent with sister and niece lovely evening
10/02/2011 4.33am
Shoulders heels and hips hurt, slight headache, pad is uncomfortable beneath me, catheter not draining well, sore groin
10/02/2011 8.08pm
clean ROM exercises done sleepy after a fun evening helping daughter prepare for DofE expedition
11/02/2011 3.56am
ridiculously hot can't catch breath headache and itching dehydrated legs sore
11/02/2011 7.52pm
Another amazing hydrotherapy session I can't express how much of a difference it makes
12/02/2011 1.30am
woke feeling hot and dehydrated fortunately someone still here to give RIG flush legs much better since hydrotherapy
12/02/2011 8.35am
still feeling the benefit of hydrotherapy speech noticeably worse this morning with fairly new carer breathing fine no headache
12/02/2011 9.37pm
just got in from a day at the garden centre-lovely but a tiring drive home
13/02/2011 6.55am
I awoke at 4am with agonising pain below my right shoulder blade. Horrible. Mended with a suppository but leaving me sore and exhausted
13/02/2011 11.20pm
napped all afternoon so full of beans now (not lit) - just as everyone is off to bed
14/02/2011 5.40am
following human error with my feed, the pump set off beeping at 2am I now have a headache and runny nose and sneezed my leg off the bed.
14/02/2011 7.23pm
Lovely day in the garden. Took daughter to dentist all fine. Tea with daughter and carer full of fun. Showered ready for film tonight.
15/02/2011 4.20am
catheter failed to drain a couple of hours ago. sore aching uncomfortable
15/02/2011 7.18pm
parents' evening was tiring but well worth the effort. I can't keep my eyes open now.
16/02/2011 5.30am
nodded off in my chair in the evening napping and dozing all night. Slight discomfort but not too bad.
16/02/2011 7.36pm
relaxed day made quiche for daughter's tea with carer. Lots of admin sorted voice practically useless all day breathing laboured
17/02/2011 3.57am
position hurts too hot sore throat headache dehydrated difficulty catching breath
17/02/2011 11.03pm
lovely day really long shower hair done feet massaged collected daughter from school took her out napped for a couple of hours
18/02/2011 4.47am
heels and calves, back and shoulder ache neck sore
18/02/2011 8.32pm
Really intensive hydrotherapy session glowing. Daughter's off to a party I'm just dozing.
19/02/2011 8.36am
breathing easier limbs loosened but neck and ankles ache. I have something in my eye making typing difficult
20/02/2011 2.03am
visited parents napped all the way home then watched a film til silly o clock
20/02/2011 5.37am
neck and hips really sore, slight runny nose but late night slept til 4
20/02/2011 11.08pm
Exhausting day updating computer files and being geeky. Dealt with teen drama. Lovely visit from pregnant sister  speech unintelligible
21/02/2011 1.02am
went to bed, carer left, did a pooh
21/02/2011 9.14pm
daughter has friend for sleepover. They are giggling. Carer and I are infected by their laughter  I am very tired
22/02/2011 4.30am
sneezing runny nose difficult to catch my breath headache and itching position pain
22/02/2011 6.15pm
Back from routine hospital catheter change feeling sore and pathetic. catheter cuffed, doctor tugged. blood and chunks
23/02/2011 4.07am
hot and dehydrated position pain ankles ache catheter throbbing and sticking to sheet pulls when I breathe
23/02/2011 11.01pm
very dodgy stomach all day touch of the runs started my period settled in time for excellent comedy show this eve
24/02/2011 5.06am
serious period pains cramps affecting every bit of me. Can't move
24/02/2011 5.16pm
Bed paracetamol period pains well ropey
25/02/2011 12.04am
Still in bed feel absolutely foul. Way too hot sore and stiff
25/02/2011 11.42pm
Excellent hydro session loose and light limbed. Friend popped in to do some tiling (slight w/ch crash!) and talk music tired and grinning
26/02/2011 3.39am
tired still relaxed from hydro but hips and back in wrong position too painful for sleep but it's been worse breathing laboured
26/02/2011 10.42pm
visited Bolton Aquarium tad disappointing but daughter managed her sealife assignment
shoulder and neck ache
27/02/2011 2.43am
foot slid twisted really hurts
27/02/2011 5.52am
nose running coughing frightening
27/02/2011 9.02pm
peaceful day good care snotty nose
28/02/2011 5.52am
aching for hours legs heavy runny nose earache need to move legs sitting on crease
28/02/2011 9.01am
about to have shower - good. Going to blood nurse not so much! Slight headache and difficulty catching breath sunny but chilly out
28/02/2011 5.44pm
Blood was difficult tiring and painful I have a headache. Slept most of the afternoon then nightmare finance issues to deal with.

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