Friday, 1 April 2011

April 2011. In which I am very tired and need plenty of relaxation.

01/04/2011 8.55pm
Tired due to a busy day
02/04/2011 7.22pm
Relaxing, quiet day
03/04/2011 7.58pm
Luxury. Yet another relaxing day. Beginning to feel tired now though.
04/04/2011 7.46pm
Busy day. Really tired now. Bad nights sleep last night due to soreness from pressure points.
05/04/2011 8.14pm
Exhausted. Catheter changed in hospital. really taken it out of me.
06/04/2011 6.02pm
Yesterday left me tired out. Relaxing day today but still feel exhausted.
07/04/2011 8.43pm
Busy day again. Tired out. Last night had bad cramps so slept poorly.
08/04/2011 6.42pm
Had Hydro today which was fantastic, but am so tired now.
09/04/2011 8.09pm
MND Conference today and my Mum's Birthday bash. Both great but I'm absolutely exhausted now.
10/04/2011 5.35pm
Had a lot of soreness through the night. Not positioned correctly.
11/04/2011 12.52pm
Relaxing day with a visit from family. Really enjoyed that.
12/04/2011 10.37am
Family were here again. Rest of the day is for relaxation.
13th 6.20pm
Went to a BBQ which was good but I'm feeling really tired now.
14/04/2011 4.05am
Really painful cramps through the night. I feel really tired now.
15/04/2011 11.17am
Relaxing day but I'm still trying to catch up on the missed sleep from yesterday.
16/04/2011 8.04pm
Relaxing day spent with carer. I'm now feeling very tired.
17/04/2011 6.18pm
Had another quiet day with my carer. Spent some time planning the planting of the last few spots in the garden.
18/04/2011 7.11pm
Had a fairly quiet day but am now exhausted
19/04/2011 5.33am
Really painful cramps and soreness from pressure on my back throughout the night.
20/04/2011 7.18pm
Quiet relaxing day. Needed after yesterday.
21/04/2011 7.17pm
Relaxing day but I'm feeling tired now.
22/04/2011 5.15pm
Had a nice quiet day.
23/04/2011 6.39pm
Spent the day planting in the garden, and having fun.
24/04/2011 5.06pm
I've got really bad cramps in my ankles. Bad nights sleep.
25/04/2011 7.25pm
Quiet day but now I'm really tired.
26/04/2011 7.10pm
Had a lot of carers on today to cover holidays. It's really taken it out of me and am now  tired out.
27/04/2011 7.17pm
I'm really tired now despite a relaxing day.
28/04/2011 7.42pm
Had a visit to the doc's this morning and am now extremely tired. Bad night last night with cramps and lack of sleep.
29/04/2011 8.01pm
Relaxed all day. Just what I needed.
30/04/2011 7.21pm
Had loads of fun at a local festival until it got too cold. When I got home I realised how tiring the day has been.

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