Thursday, 7 April 2011

Emails exchanged with Speech Therapist

Lynsey enquired about the eTran frame, Just in Case kit, carer training and Tobii error message.

"eTran frame: we are still getting used to it - it's a bit of a game at the minute! It has proved useful a couple of times and hopefully we will all be familiar with it before a crisis needs to be averted. We are hoping to put together a list of basic questions for my care staff to run through. Do you have any examples/templates?
Just in Case kit: The physio I have seen on occasion is Kathryn, but I haven't seen her for some time. I certainly haven't had any advice or instruction regarding the use of this kit.
Carer training: My funding is not inclusive of a training budget.
Tobii error message: I was told to leave this with Smartbox many, many months ago! I will contact them again." - Rachael

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