Tuesday, 14 June 2011

GP Appointment

Rachael went to the doctors with severe pains in her lower back, hips and left leg. She had awoken in the night in agony, having complained the evening before of some discomfort. Dr G suggested that Rachael's position in the wheelchair nay have trapped the sciatic nerve. Dr G asked if Rachael had a review booked with Preston Mobility Services to change ergonomics of her wheelchair. Wheelchair services are due to phone with an Occupational Therapist visit in the next 2 weeks. Dr G discussed painkillers and suggested a cocktail approach. Rachael should increase Pregabalin to 200mg twice a day, and take paracetemol as required. Dr G prescribed Codein liquid, 10ml for up to 4 times a day, and Naproxen, up to 500mg twice a day. Rachael expressed that she didn't want to increase Pregabalin as it is hard to taper back down and the effect is unpleasant in the long term. Dr G said to see if Rachael feels she needs it. Dr G asked for a urine sample - given. Results were clear.

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