Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Visit from Engineer

Mark arrived but no occupational therapist present. Mark attached a new headrest to Rachael's chair. This has not proved effective to keep Rachael's head from lolling when tired/over bumps. Discussed Rachael's increased difficulty in using control panel. Mark tried to design a control panel add-on. Mark said that Rachael's idea to move "rabbit" and power button to the right-hand, unused switches was unfeasible. Also discussed wheelchair restraints to keep Rachael upright. Rachael explained that she is reluctant to use the lap belt as it rubs against her rig and catheter risking damage. Mark explained that he could not provide shoulder straps without lap belt for fear of strangulation, if Rachael slipped down in her chair. Mark agreed to provide a different type of lap belt material for Rachael to look at. Mark also agreed to provide a Roho cushion to try and reduce Rachael's sciatic pain. Mark agreed to contact Rachael with a further appointment for a joint visit with an occupational therapist.

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