Thursday, 19 January 2012

Visit from Dietician

Rachael told Aisling about having severe stomach cramps last month after her feed but was unsure if it was a bad batch or a stomach bug. Aisling asked how much feed Rachael was taking - 750ml. Rachael said she had a new batch of Nutricia and seemed to be tolerating this batch better. Rachael also said that on the rare ocassion she manages a big meal, she may forgo the feed, but stressed this is very rare. Rachael said she had noticeably lost weight when not on feed but seemed to be a stable weight now she was back on it. Aisling asked how Rachael's stoma site was. Rachael said it was fine as were her bowel movements. Aisling said she would email in a few months. Rachael advised Aisling that she had crumpets in the mornings and stew at night. On a good day, Rachael can have up to 4 meals a day, but no meals when tired. Aisling advised Rachael to take feed regularly to maintain weight.

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