Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Visit from Nurse

Shelley arrived at 10:30am to train staff on how to use the cough assist machine. Shelley asked Rachael if she frequently struggled to cough or swallow mucus in her throat. Rachael said she did. Shelley said that using the cough assist will prevent chest infections by effectively "hoovering" the mucus plug out of Rachael to try  and simulate a cough. Shelley noticed Rachael has some slight chest movement remaining. Shelley then advised Rachael to use the machine every day. Shelley also advised that there should be a maximum of 3 cycles per use, although you can have another after 30 minutes. Overuse of the cough assist can cause fatigue. Shelley took Rachael's finger pulse oximetry which resulted in 77 beats per minute at 96%. She also checked Rachael's chest with a stethoscope.

To setup Cough Assist Machine:

Attach bacterial filter to machine
Attach tubing to bacterial filter
Attach adapter to tubing
Attach face mask to adapter

  • Do not use machine 30 mins after eating/drinking
  • Do not use without bacterial filter
  • Do not exceed 30cm in pressure
  • Regularly check tubing for cracks
  • Keep on stable surface
  • Keep away from heat/water sources
To use Cough Assist Machine:

Always test pressures first before use
  • Take off mask
  • Cover tubing with hand
  • Rotate pressure dial until pressure is shown as 27.5 (stickered)
  • Initial pressure shown is correct pressure
There are 2 modes: 

Manual treatment - use the inhale/exhale switch

Automatic treatment - machine will run through cycles automatically. 
  • Make sure all dials are set to the stickers.
  • Hang mask on bridge of nose and lower over mouth.
  • Use reasonable force to get an effective seal.
One cycle consists of: 

Inhale - 2 seconds
Exhale - 2 seconds
Pause - 0.5 seconds

To clean tubing, wash in warm soapy water. 
To clean face mask, wipe with facecloth. Never use wet wipes as this can rot the silicone.
If there is any visible phlegm in the tubing or filter, change immediately. Any replacements can be ordered at the ventilation office.

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