Saturday, 24 September 2011

Choking Episode

Rachael experienced a choking episode after taking her evening drugs. It was exacerbated by bits of dissolved Baclofen in her throat. Rachael found she could not swallow her saliva and kept trying to cough, but was unable to do so. Rachael was choking for 10 minutes, so an ambulance was called. After 20 minutes, an ambulance had still not arrived so was cancelled. The man working was very scared and panicky as was unsure of what he should have done. He rang NHS Direct who called the ambulance.
On the Monday, the MND Specialist Nurse was called who advised me to speak to Rachael's Physiotherapist. She was not in so spoke to another physiotherapist, who said we should speak to Speech Therapist who could advise us of best cause of action to take if Rachael has another episode. She said she would get a message to Lynsey, to get her to call us.

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