Thursday, 17 May 2012

Catheter change at TG Hospital

Rachael had been experiencing bladder spasms and asked Stuart if it could be because her catheter was blocked. Stuart said bladder spasms could be caused by a blocked catheter or by bladder irritation. Stuart said anticholinergics could be prescribed by GP to prevent bladder spasms if needed. Rachael tolerated the change but found it painful and the stoma site bled slightly. Stuart showed Rachael the catheter tube that had been removed, it was completely blocked with sediment.Stuart advised to do at least one bladder wash a week, more if needed. He also said he would see how the catheter change was at the next appointment, and if it was blocked again, he would increase frequency of changes. Stuart gave some sterile water for bladder flushes.
Rachael had one voltarol flush before leaving for the hospital, and one voltarol flush when she arrived at hospital.

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