Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Visit from Wheelchair Services

Mark and Craig changed Rachael's headrest for one that sits much lower down the neck and jowl. Mark replaced the armrests, but the left armrest kept catching so Rachael was unable to reach the joystick properly. Mark said he would order a different model. Mark added an assistant control panel and set it to speed 3. He then altered the buttons on the control panel as Rachael was having trouble reaching them. Mark said he would send some more Velcro through the post to be used when needed, to further adjust the switches. Mark then added a resting bracket for the control extension shelf. Rachael asked about wheelchair risers but was told that the NHS could not provide this for their wheelchairs. Rachael asked about getting a more comfortable cushion, but was told that she has the Roho cushion, which is the top of the NHS line. Mark did advise Rachael to have a look at the Pegasus rippled cushion. Craig then mentioned that the full Burnett Body Support would enable Rachael to sit in comfort on the sofa, enveloped in a bean bag. Craig advised that a full day trial was available if she wanted to investigate further. Velcro received. Next appointment made for 13/06/12.

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