Monday, 23 July 2012


Rachael had a very productive session with Dan. Dan did a thorough full body workout with Rachael. He spent an extra amount of time working on Rachael's feet and toes which has been of great benefit. Rachael could still feel the improvement the following day. 
Dan noted that Rachael's shoulders were both out of alignment but Rachael reported that she had become used to the discomfort and that it was her neck that caused the most trouble. Dan put Rachael's shoulders back and massaged her neck.
There was an incident at the end of the session where the staff lowered the chair into the pool for another patient whilst Rachael was floating on her back. A small wave from the chair went up Rachael's nose so Dan sat her up. However when Dan lay Rachael down again some water ran back down Rachael's throat but due to thick phlegm she had difficulty in swallowing or coughing up the water. She managed to clear the blockage after Dan sat her up straight again. Rachael did not feel endangered by the incident but the pool staff did seem to panic a little.
Due to a staff meeting at the hospital on the 30th July and her PA being on holiday on the 6th August Rachael will not be going to hydro for three weeks.

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