Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Rachael attended the Orthotics Department at B Hospital for a trial fitting of some new shoes to help with the curvature of her toes. Unfortunately the new shoes were far too small. Val noted that Rachael's feet had widened considerably since her last fitting.
After discussion it was agreed that Val would order some new wider shoes with a squarer toe and that they would be fleece lined for added warmth. An inner sole would be made for the shoes with a raised area which would sit under Rachael's toes and help to support them. Rachael's feet would be able to slide over the raised area, but if that didn't work, Val would find a way to attach the inner sole to Rachael's foot before sliding it into the shoe. Rachael is still dubious about whether this will work or be counter-productive.
Val also recommended purchasing some battery powered heated socks to help keep Rachael's feet warm.

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