Thursday, 5 September 2013

Appointment at S Hospice

Rachael attended her appointment with Dr P at S Hospice. Dr P asked how things are with Rachael. They then discussed Rachael's ongoing problems with her stomach pain, saliva and feed. 
Rachael told him that she will be having investigations into her stomach pain and that the suction machine helps with her saliva problems.
Dr P tried said that he doesn't know the answer to the feed problem but he said that there is some medication that will move the feed from the stomach to the intestine.
Dr P then asked if Rachael would like something to help her to sleep. Rachael was not sure if this would help. She said that she worries about her alarm not working or that her PAs will not hear it. Dr P suggested that Rachael could build some sleeps into the daytime. Rachael told him that she catnaps. She also has some feed if she goes to sleep in the daytime.
Dr P said that an antidepressant such as Prozac in liquid form may help to improve Rachael's mood in general which may help her to sleep.
Dr P asked if Rachael wanted to discuss anything else. Rachael said that was all and it is just good to go over things.
Another appointment was made for a month's time.

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