Friday, 30 March 2012

Calling all scientists

When I have eaten well, I have 800ml of cooled, boiled water pumped via my feeding tube, overnight. Each morning I have 50mg tablet of Riluzole, crushed in a 60ml suspension of cooled, boiled water flushed with a syringe, via my feeding tube. The overnight water is prepared and kept in a thin plastic bottle, provided by Nutricia. The Riluzole water is prepared and kept in a thick plastic bottle, provided by TG Hospital.

Last night I went for a lovely indian meal, with 4 members of my staff team. This morning, after an overnight water pump, I went for my usual Riluzole. I added the water, left over from the Nutricia bottle and it turned orange! 

I can't imagine what has caused this. We repeated the experiment 3 times, using tablets from different blister packs and water from the Nutricia bottle. Each time the water turned orange! Each test used a freshly sterilized receptacle. We conducted a final test, using water from the thick plastic bottle. It remained clear. I used that dose. 

I am now slightly concerned to have ingested 800ml of dodgy liquid overnight!
Watch this space for tales of my metamorphosis

*watching too much spiderhulk!
*listening to 

Etta James - The Blues Is My Business


  1. Did you turn into the Incredible Hulk yet?

  2. Yes, yes I did, yesterday. I was holding out for the dexterity and mobility of a spider, not Peter parker's adolescent acne. I could've been happy with the aeronautical abilities of Jeff Goldblum's Fly; I already eat regurgitated shit. I get the hormonal imbalance of Bruce Banner, not the strength and I am nauseous with slightly off colour gills. Starting another epic period, oh joy. No noticeable lasting effects from the water, though