Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Visit from Occupational Therapist

Rachael asked Debbie if a commode could be fitted to the shower chair. After some discussion about the height of the Closomat, Debbie arranged to do a joint visit with Steve from Prism. Debbie also commented on the rust. Debbie asked if anything needed to be set-up in the bedroom. Rachael said everything was fine there, and everything was fine with the hoist and slings. Rachael then then told Debbie about the man from the Loan Stores, who had shown up without an appointment, without showing his ID, barged past Rachael's elderly visitor demanding to service the sling. Rachael was in bed and was very intimidated (as was her friend). The man refused to leave despite Rachael continuously shouting at him to get out. Debbie thought that a complaint should have been made against the man. Rachael then explained how her headrest was broken, she was having difficulty using her control panel and her elbow was causing her pain as the arm rest did not go far enough back. Debbie rang Wheelchair Services who said Mark will have the issue solved by April. Rachael said her neck was constantly aching due to the broken headrest. Debbie rang Wheelchair Services straight back. Appointment made for the following Thursday to fix headrest.

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