Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Appointment at Clinic at SR Hospital

Rachael attended her appointment with Dr E. Rachael spoke to Dr E about the problems she is having balancing her feed with her NIV usage. Dr E said that he will speak to Rachael's dietitian to see if she can give Rachael a more highly concentrated feed. He is also going to prescribe something for Rachael that will speed up her digestion.
Rachael also told Dr E that she is still unable to use her bed. He said that the Hospice may be able to help her with this and the problems that she is having with her feed as well. He is going to contact the Hospice team to see if they can become more involved.
Rachael also told Dr E that her shoulder is sore, he said to use paracetamol for this.
Dr E is going to arrange a case conference to update the medical professionals that are involved in Rachael's care.
Rachael's weight was 52.2 kg. just over 8st.

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