Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Visit from Occupational Therapist

D visited Rachael regarding the problems that she is having with her bed as arranged by C, the Palliative Care Nurse. D and Rachael discussed the issues, then D telephoned R Occupational Therapy department to arrange a visit from a representative and an Occupational Therapist for new bed support.
Rachael also told D about the problems that she is having with her shower chair. D said that she would order a five point harness. She recommended that Rachael's arms should be propped on pillows when she is using the toilet to help support her shoulders. 
Pillows should also be used when Rachael is in her wheelchair to take the weight off her shoulders as this is the main cause of Rachael's shoulder discomfort.
D also recommended that Rachael should be kept leaning back in the shower chair rather than being tilted up, when drying her after a shower, for example.
D said that she would contact Wheelchair Services to try to arrange an appointment with a specialist wheelchair occupational therapist to come and review Rachael's wheelchair.

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