Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Visit to S Hospice

Rachael and two of her PAs visited S hospice. They were shown around by Dr. P and S. After looking around Rachael had a discussion with the doctor and the senior clinician. They discussed pain control and sleeping difficulties. Also the problems that Rachael has fitting in enough feed and using her NIV at the same time.
They suggested that she should speak to her dietitian about a bolus feed as this could be taken during the day and would not interrupt her NIV use overnight. 
They said that the Occupational Therapists should be able to help Rachael with the difficulties that she is having with her bed, Rachael told them that it is being looked into at the moment.
Dr P said that they could help Rachael with pain and symptom control. Dr P also talked about their admission policy and said that all Rachael's care team and the professionals involved in her care should be aware of what her end of life wishes are.
Rachael was very tired after this long discussion and another appointment was made for two weeks time.

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