Monday, 12 November 2012


The heating was finally mended and Rachael was able to attend Hydro for the first time in four weeks.
Rachael discussed the problem she had been having with the immobility of her left arm which had left her unable to operate the controls of her wheelchair for the past few weeks.
The pool was very quiet. There were only three other patients and a new student member of staff in the pool so S was able to concentrate on working with Rachael for the duration of the session.
After the hydro session Rachael was relieved to find that she had regained the use of her arm and was able to control her wheelchair again. However, she found this very tiring and as limited as it had been before. The four week delay in treatment had clearly weakened the  muscle, but she was now able to move the chair a short way and to raise and lower her legs.

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