Friday, 2 November 2012

Letter received from Dr E

Rachael received a follow up letter from Dr E regarding her appointment at the clinic on 31st October.
Dr E said that he was pleased to see Rachael again and that she was accompanied by her PA. He noted that Rachael's mobility is worse due to the weakness in her left shoulder. He stated that Rachael was concerned that this was due to her hydrotherapy appointment being cancelled but he felt that this had little to do with it.
Dr E has written to wheelchair services asking for an urgent review for Rachael.
He then stated that Rachael uses her NIV machine intermittently with some benefit and that she remains on Riluzole. He thanked Rachael's GP for monitoring Rachael's Riluzole safety bloods.
Dr E then mentioned that Rachael's urological problems seem to have improved and that she is grateful for the care of Nurse S under Dr G at Wy Hospital. Dr E has written to Dr G to ask him to maintain an interest in Rachael's care.
The gastronomy is better after it was changed.
Dr E will arrange to see Rachael in three months time but will be available if any help is required in the mean time.

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