Monday, 26 November 2012


Rachael attended Hydro with M as session supervisor and student G. Initially M was a little nervous when getting Rachael into the pool and it took him some time to make her comfortable. Communication difficulties made it hard for Rachael to explain to M where her head was in a comfortable position.
Eventually M asked G to assist him by holding Rachael's head which allowed him to work freely on Rachael's shoulders and neck.
M worked with Rachael for about half an hour and then left her, with G still supporting her head, to float and relax.
After the session Rachael noticed a huge improvement in her mobility and the pain that she had in her left shoulder before the session had gone completely. 
Rachael was able to lift her arm onto the control panel of her wheelchair herself and drive down a long corridor before needing assistance.
Rachael was especially grateful for this as she will miss next week's hydrotherapy session due to her PA being on holiday.

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