Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Appointment at Clinic at SR Hospital

Rachael attended her appointment at Dr E's clinic. Rachael discussed what has been happening over the last few weeks with Dr E and S, the MND Nurse. Dr E and S read through Rachael's medical notes. Dr E discussed tracheostomy with Rachael. We also talked about quality of life. Rachael said that her quality of life was still fun. 
Dr E arranged for Rachael to be weighed. S sorted out a room so that Rachael could use her bipap and rehydrate. Both Dr E and S were in awe of Rachael's new MegaBee.
Another appointment was arranged for three month's time.
Rachael then spoke to C the dietitian. Rachael told C that she has changed her feed but she is still feeling hungry. Her new feed is called Nutrison Energy Multi Fibre. The dietitian asked whether Rachael had changed the time of her feed. Rachael told her that she still has her feed at night and sometimes during the day when she is not using her NIV. C suggested that Rachael may be able to use a bolus feed and top up with the Nutrison feed or other high calorie drinks. C said that she will contact Rachael's local dietitian. Rachael's weight was 55.4kg.

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