Wednesday, 27 February 2013

emails exchanged with Lung Clinic Specialist Nurse

D emailed Rachael to let her know that a date has been arranged for Dr R and Dr B to come and visit Rachael to discuss her care. 
D suggested that Rachael prepares some questions for the doctors prior to their visit. 
D will not be able to come on that day but DG will accompany the doctors.
D asked about Rachael's meeting with the Macmillan team and whether Rachael had asked about what hospice provision is available in her area or has she already considered this option and decided not to investigate it any further. 
Rachael replied that the date that has been arranged for the doctors to visit will be suitable for her.
Rachael then went on to say that the Macmillan team did not stay long enough and that she still wants to ask that question.
D replied that she will speak to the Macmillan Nurses to try and sort something out.

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