Wednesday, 13 February 2013

email from Lung Clinic Specialist Nurse

Rachael received a follow up email from D. She is going to refax the referral to the Macmillan team and telephone them to make sure that they act on it.
D then said that DG, the Senior Physio from the Lung Clinic, would like to come out to do some cough training with Rachael's PAs. He is going to bring a different machine, the Clearway, which is simple to use and may make it easier for the PAs to use on a regular basis.
DG has also suggested applying for a nebuliser kit for Rachael to use which may help loosen secretions. 
D is going to send a humidification kit, with instructions, to Rachael, to be used with her ventilator. It is easy to use and may help.
D went on to say that she will confirm the Mucodyne dose and any alternatives as soon as possible. She has also arranged for a Consultant, Dr C, to visit Rachael with her, to discuss tracheostomy and other end of life issues.
D will investigate the support that is available for Rachael's daughter and she will contact S the Specialist MND Nurse at SR Hospital with regard to making sure that Rachael's PAs know who to contact and when.
D finished by saying that Rachael should contact her if she needs anything. She will be on leave next week and DG will be the person to contact until she returns.

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