Tuesday, 12 February 2013

visit from Lung Clinic Specialist Nurse

D visited Rachael to discuss with her some options to help with the breathing difficulties that Rachael has been having recently. 
Rachael also wanted to discuss her Mucodyne dose and the problems that she is having with her bed. She would also like to contact the Macmillan team.
D adjusted the pressure on Rachael's bipap because her throat was closing due to the pressure being too low.
D talked about some end of life issues with Rachael. She will arrange for a Consultant to visit with her to talk to Rachael about a tracheostomy, however she said that the clinic has never provided an MND patient with an elective tracheostomy before.
Rachael also asked D for  some information for her PAs so that they know who to contact and when.

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