Wednesday, 27 March 2013

email from Lung Clinic Specialist Nurse

D emailed Rachael to tell her that Dr B would like her to try using a salbutamol nebuliser to see if it helps with her airways and any spasm that may give the sensation of mucus plugging. Dr B would prescribe a low dose of 2.5 mgs. which would be administered in exactly the same way as the saline nebulisers were given.
D said that there is a chance that Rachael may experience mild side effects with the salbutamol. She could have mild palpitations or shaking in her hands, similar to the effects some people experience with caffeine. She said that not everyone has these side effects and that they would be temporary if they did occur.
She will fax a prescription for this to Rachael's GP.
D also asked Rachael to try and track down the name of the funding commissioner for Dr B.

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