Wednesday, 27 March 2013

email from Lung Clinic Specialist Nurse

D emailed Rachael to say that she has faxed a prescription for the salbutamol nebuliser to Rachael's GP. 
D has also asked Rachael's GP to prescribe a low dose citralopam, an antidepressant. D thinks that Rachael should consider taking this because it will help to manage the underlying low level anxiety that she thinks Rachael has. She has discussed this with Dr B who agrees that it may help Rachael.
D explained that chronic illness can lead to a debilitation of natural chemicals in the brain which can make it difficult to cope with anxiety.
D said that she will leave the decision about taking this medication to Rachael. It will take a couple of weeks for Rachael to feel any effects if she does decide to use it. There should be little or no side effects with this medication.

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