Monday, 4 March 2013

visit from Lung Clinic Senior Physiotherapist

DG visited Rachael to train her PAs on a new cough assist machine. The PAs who attended were SA, CL, ZL, RM and MB.
DG apologised because he had not been able to obtain a NIPPY Clearway cough assist machine, they are out of stock at the hospital. However, he did bring a saline nebuliser for Rachael. Hopefully this will help to loosen any mucus from Rachael's lungs before a cough assist machine is used.
DG showed all the staff how to set up the machine and they all handled the saline fitting to see how it fits together. He then demonstrated how to use it on Rachael.
When the saline dose was completed, the mask was removed and the machine was switched off. DG then demonstrated the cough assist and the suction machine.
Rachael asked DG if he could suggest anything that she could use to moisten her mouth. He said that sponges or something similar would be helpful. He said that he would contact the District Nurses to see if they could supply them. Rachael also asked DG what would be the best thing to use to moisten her lips. He told her not to use Vaseline along with the nebuliser or the NIV machine as there is a fire risk associated with this. He suggested using lip salve, E45 cream or emollient cream.
Rachael told DG about the problems she has been having after taking the Mucodyne. It makes her feel hot and puffy, emotional and scared.
DG said that he would speak to Dr C to see if there were any alternative medications available.
DG will visit Rachael when the NIPPY Clearway machine arrives in stock and he will accompany Dr R and Dr B when they visit next week.

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