Monday, 25 March 2013

Visit from Lung Clinic Nurse and Senior Physio

D and DG came to visit Rachael. DG brought the new cough assist machine, the NIPPY Clearway, for Rachael. DG showed Rachael and her PAs how to use the machine. DG said that the new machine will be easier for her to take out with her as it is lighter than the one she is using now. He said that he will look into the possibility of obtaining a battery for it as it only works on mains electricity at the moment.
D brought the NIPPY 3 for Rachael and three different nasal masks. She demonstrated how to use these and she advised Rachael that she would need to get used to the nasal mask gradually. Rachael can use her usual face mask or the nasal mask.
D and Rachael also discussed Rachael's drugs and their effects. D said that she will ask Dr R whether Rachael needs to continue taking Riluzole.

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