Monday, 11 October 2010

Email sent to MND Specialist Nurse

"I am due in clinic next Wedneday 20/10/10. I just want to make sure that we discuss the issue that has been bothering me. Sometime last year, I mentioned to Lindsay that I have been having trouble recalling specific words as required. Lindsay reassured me that this is something that happens to everyone,let alone somebody with fatigue like mine. This has continued to be a problem and has grown increasingly more so. I have always made lists and now depend on them entirely. I used to joke, "if it's not on the list, it won't get done!" - this is now true. I cannot recall whether I have taken my medication or even remember to have a feed. These are the thing my staff can help me with, that isn't my point. I am concerned by these lapses. Once I am reminded, I regain full memory and clarity. I know that forgetfulness is a common human condition but I really feel that this is beyond that. I am also aware that not everything in the world is about MND. I suppose I am looking for a little reassurance or confirmation. I'm emailing as I will not remember to tell you!" - Rachael

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