Monday, 18 October 2010

Emails exchanged with Dietician

"I was just waiting with regards to a call I received from Janice, district nurse, who was a bit concerned that you may be struggling with overnight feed. I was wondering if it would suit you if I visited this week to have a chat about it? Perhaps Friday afternoon?" - Claire

"Claire, whilst of course you are always welcome to visit, I am having no such problems. The transition to overnight feeding has been an immense relief to me. I am curious to know what problems Janice thought I might behaving." - Rachael

"I am glad to hear that the overnight feeding is working out well. I understand that Janice thought that there may have been some issues with the pump alarm going of at night and causing difficulty and that you were having some issues with choking sensations during the night? It may just have been a miscommunication. If you are happy with things currently, we can always organise a visit at a later date if that suits." - Claire

"Sorry for the confusion. Using the pump overnight has the downside that if it develops a fault, the alarm will wake me up. This is still however, hugely preferable to all the difficulties and anxieties of daytime use. I don't equate the choking sensations with pump use. They seem to be a seperate medical issue entirely. If you think a visit would be helpful that would be fine. My understanding is that choking on saliva a little, is par for the course with MND. Any help is appreciated." - Rachael

 "Sure we can always have a chat anyway. I can help with things if you're happy for me to come and visit. Would Friday afternoon at 2pm suit you?" - Claire

"Sorry, I've just re-read your email and Friday is out I'm afraid. I have an appointment at Hydro every Friday, which pretty much takes the day out of the equation. I really appreciate the session and take every precaution to safeguard against it. I have appointments on Wednesday and Thursday of next week but am generally free on Mondays and Tuesdays. Hope this doesn't put you out." - Rachael

"Monday would suit me, perhaps 10:30am?" - Claire

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