Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Clinic at H Hospital

Dr E stated he thought memory loss is due to fatigue, not failing cognitive processes in relation to MND. He referred Rachael to Dr R, a neurological consultant who specialises in memory loss relating to MND. Dr E also advised to reduce Pregabalin intake and prescribed different strengths of the drug to make reduction gradual. He said to aim for 75mg in the morning and 75mg in the evening. Dr E also said if Rachael has a bad reaction to this, to increase dosage immediately. Dr E said he would speak to Rachael's GP and advise of what is needed for the "Just in Case Kit". Bev, Speech Therapist, demonstrated how to lightly tap on the chest in the event of choking. She explained that due to the wheelchair, the Heimleich manoeuvre is not practical but can mimic effect from the front to force and exhale. Bloods were taken for Riluzole function and for Dr A's clinic. The results will be sent to R Hospital. Rachael also donated blood for research into DNA of MND patients.

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