Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Catheter change at TG Hospital

Stuart advised Rachael that her bladder has shrunk due to the use of the catheter over a long period, therefore there is reduced capacity, so if the catheter gets blocked leaking occurs. Rachael had a bladder wash. When the catheter was removed it was blocked and noticeably gritty, possibly caused by sediment attaching to the tube. Once the new tube was inserted Rachael's bladder drained immediately. Stuart advised that during a bladder wash, if the syringe is pushing water but blocks when the water is pulled out it may have attached to the bladder wall. If this happens do not pull. However if it blocks when pushing water in phone Stuart or the ward and arrange to have the catheter appointment changed as soon as possible. Stuart also said to do a bladder wash at least every other day. An appointment was booked for five weeks time.

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