Friday, 15 June 2012

phone call to Speech Therapist

Rachael phoned Speech Therapy to speak to Lynsey. Lynsey's secretary stated that Lynsey doesn't work on Fridays but she would pass the message on. The secretary was informed that Rachael is having problems with her eye gaze computer, which keeps shutting down for no apparent reason.
Rachael went to visit Becca on Thursday and the computer shut down three times. Rachael even tried using Becca's power lead and this made no difference. Rachael expressed concern that the eye gaze would have to be sent away for repair which would be totally unsuitable as she needs it for daily use.
The eye gaze only has a limited amount of warranty remaining and therefore needs repairing as soon as possible.
The secretary stated that she would make further enquiries and pass the information on to Lynsey or another therapist.
Rachael has also checked the battery and it seems to be fully charged.

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