Monday, 25 June 2012


Rachael had ingrowing toe nails. We attended the emergency drop in podiatry session at B Health Centre. We were told that Rachael had been discharged from the centre as she has not attended since 2010. We completed a fresh referral form and Rachael was seen in clinic.
The podiatrist cut Rachael's toe nails and removed the ingrowing edges. He removed dead skin and cleaned out the infected areas. He bandaged Rachael's right big toe and confirmed some details about Motor Neurone Disease. 
We were advised that we will be seen within the next four weeks for a full check up of Rachael's feet. The podiatrist briefly told Rachael about options for dealing with curvature of the nails, but this may not be possible due to poor circulation, its long recovery time and inherent risk of infection.
The podiatrist said that based on Rachael's condition she should be treated regularly for nail clipping, advice and general foot care at the clinic.

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