Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Appointment at SR Hospital

Rachael attended her appointment at SR Hospital regarding the panic attacks that she has been having.
When Rachael arrived at the clinic a blood test was taken to test her blood gases.
She then waited for the results which were; PCO2 - 6.61, PO2 - 9.88, Bicarb - 32.1, PH - 7.428. 
S, the MND nurse, then spoke to Rachael. She suggested that Rachael tried using the NIV machine and Sara, the physiotherapist, showed Rachael's PAs how to fit the mask with minimal leakage.
Rachael was advised to use the NIV daily for two hours and to report any symptoms to SR or Wy Hospital staff.  Rachael was also advised to discuss an exit strategy when using the NIV with all her PAs, as communication is difficult when Rachael is wearing the mask.
S also advised Rachael that she should have a rig change in March, S will try to make an appointment for this. 
Rachael was then given advice on mouth care. If she uses a small amount of pineapple juice on a soft toothbrush daily this will help to reduce the amount of saliva that is formed.

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