Wednesday, 23 January 2013

email from MND nurse

Rachael received a follow up email from S which related to her emergency visit to the MND Clinic at SR Hospital. The email was also sent to the staff at the Lung Clinic at Wy Hospital and was  copied to Dr E.
S wrote that Rachael had a blood test on arrival at the clinic and gave the results of this. 
She then put the reasons for Rachael's visit. These were increased episodes of shortness of breath during the day and panic attacks in the morning. She then reported that the dose of Lorazepam that Rachael had taken had helped.
S said that Rachael is no more sleepy than usual but is snoozing during the day.
The email went on to say that Rachael has been using the NIV most evenings for two hours. All past outpatient appointments with the Lung clinic have recommended this usage as Rachael's gases appear to be within the normal range.
Rachael told S today that she has not used the NIV this year. There are several reasons for this but the main reason is the mask fitting and the leaks that occur due to this. Also Rachael has had some recent PA changes and she felt that she would be unable to effectively communicate her wishes whilst on the NIV. 
S said that the physiotherapist had seen Rachael and had given advice on adjusting the mask. She then outlined the plan that has been put in place for Rachael re usage of the NIV .
S asked whether it would be possible for Rachael to have an earlier appointment at the Lung Clinic.

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