Thursday, 24 January 2013

email from MND nurse

Rachael received an email from S, the MND nurse. S hopes that the use of the NIV is giving Rachael some relief and that the mornings are a little better for her.
She advised Rachael to keep up with the Cough Assist machine and the increased mouth care opportunities.
S is going to speak to Dr E about the use of Carbocisteine and will write to Rachael's GP soon after this. She will also confirm a specific date for Rachael's rig change.
S then wrote that it had been good to have an opportunity to catch up with Rachael.
S went on to say that having touched on the area of Rachael's Power of Attorney during their meeting and thinking of future situations and what Rachael would like to happen, that Rachael should contact her if she would like to discuss this further and document her wishes in relation to care, symptom management and options with regard to interventions that she would like to explore.
She said that Dr B's team would also be valuable in this discussion.
S asked Rachael to keep her posted re her symptoms.

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