Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Rachael had panic attacks during the night of Monday 21st January and again today, causing her great stress, discomfort and difficulty in breathing.
After a prolonged bout of distress today, Rachael asked her PA to phone RM at SR Hospital for advice.
RM recommended use of the NIV machine but this had already been tried and it had only made Rachael feel more uncomfortable.
RM also recommended a small dose of Lorazepam, which can be obtained from the GP, as a temporary measure and that Rachael should come into the hospital for breathing tests as soon as possible. An appointment was made for the following day.
Rachael remembered that she already had some Lorazepam in her Just in Case kit. A 1mg tablet was given to Rachael through her rig.
The tablet was quick acting and the effects lasted for approximately four hours. Although the anxiety stopped Rachael felt disorientated and oddly disconnected.

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