Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Catheter change at TG Hospital

Rachael attended her catheter change appointment at TG Hospital. Rachael mentioned to S that she had used Solution R once since her last visit. He suggested that she could use it once a fortnight as there was still quite a bit of sediment in the tube and crystallisation at the end of the catheter.
Rachael asked S about using Suby G, aka Uro Tainer Chlorhexidine opti-flo and Uriflex. S suggested that this could be used once a week as it is a weaker solution than Solution R.
Rachael's catheter was difficult to take out due to cuffing on the end of the tube.
Another appointment was made for 15th November 2012.
TG Hospital is currently undergoing a restructuring programme.  Dr G will be moving to the new unit at Wy Hospital before Christmas, S will be moving with him. In order for Rachael to remain as a patient of S she will need to be referred to Dr G at Wy Hospital by Dr E.

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