Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clinic at H Hospital

Rachael attended her appointment at Dr E's clinic at H Hospital. 
Dr E is going to send a letter to Wheelchair Services requesting an urgent appointment for an assessment regarding Rachael's wheelchair controls. He will also be sending a letter to Rachael's urology consultant, Dr G, about her referral to Wy Hospital.
Rachael saw S the physiotherapist at the clinic. She is going to phone K the community physiotherapist to arrange some shoulder supports for Rachael. She said that Rachael should speak to S at hydrotherapy to see if she could do anything about the weakness in Rachael's arm, but she did not hold out any hope.
She confirmed what K had said, that the shoulder muscle is very weak.
Rachael also spoke to B, the speech therapist. B said that she knows of another gadget called Mega B that could be provided for Rachael to help with her communication. It is a battery operated device that is smaller than the E Tran frame and it is more user friendly. B is going to contact L, Rachael's speech therapist, to arrange provision of this device.

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